The Kingdom Of Kulhn

The kingdom of Kulhn is located on the northeastern corner of a continent which contains four other major powers. Directly to the north, across the Bay of Storms, is the kingdom of Uleirand, a hereditary monarchy that is firmly under the thumb of a theocratic oligarchy. Kulhn is bounded on the south by the smaller kingdom of Tothran, also a hereditary monarchy. Tothran is literally dirt poor, and would gladly submit to any of the four elemental churches, or anyone else for that mater, if they came offering food.

Westward, on the other side of the mountain range, lies the Empire of Lertolia. The Lertolian Empire is indisputably the largest, richest, and most powerful entity on the continent by far. Northwest of Kulhn, situated in the mountains astride the only usable pass connecting Kulhn and Lertolia, is the relatively tiny kingdom of Lokenberg. Kulhn and Lokenberg are currently at war.

There are other continents, and a plethora of islands and archipelagos.  However, given the relatively primitive sailing technology, along with the sometimes abysmal weather and tidal conditions from the influence of the two moons, most sailors prefer to stay within three or four days of land.

The planet itself does not have a universally agreed upon name. Most people refer to their home by a term that translates as "the world". They don't really have a concept of any other world existing. Except the afterlife of course.