Religion In Kulhn

Elemental magic is commonly associated with the four deities of a pantheon that is almost universally worshiped across the continent. The gods are each associated with a particular element, along with their designated sphere of influence. The priests and priestesses of each temple are specialists in the use of their own particular element.

Sheerlio - goddess of air, is the goddess of new beginnings. Her cardinal compass point is the east, the direction of sunrise. She rules over the springtime thaw, and its accompanying rains that break the ice and wash away the winter's snow. She is also the goddess of thunderous destruction, for sometimes a new beginning requires that old things and old ways be swept away. With the exception of the major cities, her priestesses do not use permanent temples. Instead, they travel across the land in caravans that stop periodically to form temporary temples wherever they happen to end up. Her worshipers are free spirits who seldom settle down to any one place, and almost never marry. Her worship services strongly resemble a bacchanalia. She is the preferred deity of mercenaries and traveling merchants. Sheerlio has almost no paladins in her service.

Egainot - god of earth, represents strength, darkness, and unyielding determination. His cardinal compass point is the west, the direction of sunset and night. His quarter of the year is winter. His followers are acknowledged to be the most stubborn people in the world. Once committed, they never break an oath, not even under torture, and they never surrender. He is the foundation of the earth, as Sheerlio is the sky above it. When all is darkness, and all else is lost, the one thing that you can always depend on is the earth beneath your feet. His temples are sunk deep into the earth and reinforced with magic so as to be all but impregnable. Generally, he is immovable. But beware if he is ever roused to wrath. For when the landslide comes, there is no outrunning it. And when the earthquake strikes, there is no escape. He is often worshiped by farmers and landed gentry. Egainot has a moderate number of paladins in his service, primarily for temple security.

Aroglin - goddess of water, rules the water of life. Her temples are centers of healing where her priestesses labor night and day to offer healing to any who come seeking it. Her cardinal compass point is the north. Her quarter of the year is autumn harvest time, the quarter of the year when everyone celebrates life, and takes joy in the bounty they have earned by their hard labor. She is also the goddess of floods, and tides, and crashing waves that cut away the land. Her temples, with the exception of major cities, are invariably located along the banks of rivers or major streams. Although her followers are known as healers, water is also one of the two elements that make the most effective weapon. She is the chosen goddess of almost all sailors. The royal family of Kulhn also favors her. Aroglin has a small number of paladins in her service, most of whom serve as bodyguards for healers who are going into battle zones to treat wounded soldiers.

Hohdwan - god of fire, is associated with the sun, the source of all fire. His quarter of the year is summer, and his cardinal compass point is south. He is the fire that warms the hearth, and protects his people against the darkhunters. He forges the steel, and cooks the food, and warms the heart with hot blooded emotions like love and loyalty and ecstacy. But he is also the forest fire. He is rage, and blind animal hatred. He is merciless fury that knows no reason or control. He is fire in all its forms, both good and bad, helpful and destructive. Fire magic is the most powerful and destructive of all weapons, and the most feared. With excellent reason.  Hohdwan has a large number of paladins in his service. They provide temple security, protection for priests who venture forth into the world, and a specialized corps of them are trained as witch hunters.