Short Stories

I am primarily a novelist. Short stories are not my strong suit. But every once in a while, the urge seizes me and one slips out. Almost all of these stories have been offered on Amazon and Smashwords, usually for $0.99 or for free. Then it occurred to me (It took a while, I am slow.) that if I was going to give them away, there was no reason I couldn't just give them away on my own site.

For now, I have only posted a couple of them. More will come as I get the time and ambition. Nothing is required, help yourself. Feel free to browse, read, and download. Comments are welcome.

I retain full copyright to these stories. No one else has the right to sell them, or to re-publish them anywhere else. You are welcome to download a copy of any of these short stories for your own enjoyment. If you would like to share them, please have your friend come here to download their own copy. The whole point of doing this is a nefarious plot to lure people to my website, and maybe even tantalize them into looking at the novels if they feel adventurous.

A Dead-Ended Evening
In a world where magic and technology are rubbing each other raw, Joe tries to keep an open mind. But still there are limits.

This one actually did rather well, as far as my short story efforts go. It shot my ranking up to #9 on Amazon's Steampunk category for a while. A brief while.:)

We all have a beast within.

This one is rather old. I wrote it several years ago. It's science fiction/urban horror. An extended version was later self-published under a different title. I decided to post this version as much out of nostalgia as any other reason. It also provides a look at how my style and writing ability has changed (if it has) over the last few years.