Thursday, August 11, 2016

Songs of Chaos

My first series set in the Portals universe, Songs of Chaos, is proceeding surprisingly well. The first drafts of books 1-3 are undergoing content editing, with book 4 under preliminary construction.

Unlike The Unfortunate Woods, my Portals universe will include a selection of free standing books, short stories (possibly), and at least one ongoing series. Originally I had envisioned Songs of Chaos as a single free-standing novel. The problem with that is too many plot lines, too many fascinating characters I wanted to meet and get acquainted with, too much world to wander around in. It finally hit my solid bone head that no one was limiting my choices but me. So I pulled the original book and started re-writing.

Book One - Gathering Thunder 
Tom Forester was old and grieving for his wife, old friends, and years gone by. He decided to make a final visit to the land of his birth before settling down with his family in Michigan to quietly fade away like the old soldier he was. Minor problem. His homeland was on the other side of reality.

Book Two - Tempest
When you rip open the underlying the fabric of reality and hurl yourself across the face of the multiverse, unexpected things can happen. It didn't help that the Vianri Council considered unauthorized portal transport a capital crime.

Book Three - Eye of the Storm
After fighting free of the nuclear barrenlands, and establishing an alliance with the Vianri Council's two most powerful rivals, Ben and Dar were hoping to get a chance to rest. Fateful words.

Book Four - Backlash
Heat rays and particle beam weapons are impressive, granted. But a nine millimeter still has much to recommend it.

Book Five - Battle Lines 
The slavers are going down. If the Vianri want to fight each other over it, that's fine too.

Book Six - Crossing Blades
Fifteen thousand years. What were they thinking? They had to know it would come to this someday.

Additional books in the series are possible. 
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