Thursday, April 14, 2016

Once More, I Must Adapt

Bless their hearts, my daughter and son-in-law care deeply about us. And they want so much for us to enjoy the benefits of modern technology that they are always eager to share the newest advances. As an example, my dear son-in-law sent a gift. Yesterday I received a copy of MS-Windows 10. A second hand laptop, one which will be a massive improvement over the one I am using now, is also on its way complete with a hard drive ready for the new operating system to be installed.


It came on a USB stick. One of the dinky, skinny ones. about a third the size of the plastic packages that lead for a mechanical pencil is sold in. The specs say that Win 10 requires a 1 ghz processor, 20 gb of drive space, and 2 gb of RAM in order to work. Internet access may be required, depending on what I want to include in the installation.

This is not exactly comparable to the 5.25 inch floppies, which actually flopped when you waved them, that MS-DOS came on. As I recall, DOS required 512 kilobytes of RAM, a 4.77 mhz processor, and no hard drive was necessary if you were willing to boot from the floppies themselves. Now MS-Windows come with something called Cortana. I think that's what it is called. It's a built in AI intended to make life easier for us poor foolish mortals who haven't got sense enough to be trusted with direct control of our hardware. Forget zombies. Skynet is practically here.

But you have to stay current. Like it or not. My head hurts. Is it possible for a brain to develop arthritis? Once more, into the breach. Or the BSOD, as the case may be.