Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Repairs And Reorganization

Owning a 'classic' vehicle is a two-edged sword. On the one hand, the nostalgia value is nice, We have had the thing for a lot of years. It's like an old friend. It's also to the point now that it gains value each year instead of losing it, despite needing some body work. Sweet. The downside is maintenance. Right now it is in the garage because some balancing something-or-other on the crankcase pulley went kaput and started eating the main engine belt. Sigh.

To get my mind off it, and the ongoing saga of the great plumbing debacle, as well as taking a break from the penultimate phase of editing Recompense, I decided to get back into modding an old game that I like to tinker with. It's still fun to me, and it's old enough that there is plenty of reference material on the net for a self-taught ignoramus like myself.

I have already managed to scrounge up a deep contempt for the process of designing software by committee. The company that made this game are long-term industry veterans. They should know what they are doing by now. But the data file system is laid out in such a way as to make inconsistency and inefficiency abound. This cannot have happened as a deliberate design choice by a competent tech. Not possible. This is plainly the result of either a manager who couldn't find their rump, or more likely a design team who was running under the whip due to presure from the bean counters to get the thing out the door in time for deadline no matter what kind of crappy shape it was in.

Sigh. Again. At least they labeled everything. More or less.