Saturday, February 21, 2015

Plugging away

About 130k in place so far.

Not long ago I finished a scene that filled in an important part of the backstory for Jessera's family. Telesa paid a very old debt. I will merely note that the proverb about revenge being a dish best served cold does not necessarily hold true. Not when the person taking the revenge is a fire witch.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Editing (whew) Recompense

I'm to the point where arranging the scenes in the proper sequence, and making sure that the plot is internally consistent, and polishing the minor characters, and all the other billion and ten things that need done on the home stretch are hammering me upside the head.

There is still some writing to be done, but it's a case of inputting what is already completed in my mind. Which is why I am focusing so much on organization now, so that the new text goes into place at the right location and doesn't need to be shuffled around later.

I finally got around to typing in the scene where the Supreme Council is formally notified that Jess is a witch. That one was fun. Cruel though, since all of those guys are old men who no doubt have weak hearts.

It really is turning out to be the best that I have written. But I need to keep plodding along in order to keep it that way. I'm really sorry it's taking so long.