Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I am in the neighborhood of 100k words on "Recompense". The book is effectively done - in my head. The chokepoint is transferring it to the keyboard. I have been averaging 2k to 3k words a day, so things are moving along. I just hope I don't lose the interest of the readers who have been patiently waiting for the conclusion.

I really do think that this one is the best. We will have to see what everyone else says when I get it published. Back to work.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

I ain't dead

I'll not try to imitate Granny Weatherwax's spelling. I'm not up to it. One similarity between myself and Mr. Pratchett's memorable lady is that my mind has also been flying pretty high of late. But in my case not from Borrowing. From prescribed medication.

For the past two months I have been fighting my way through something that started as an upper respiratory infection, then turned into bronchitis, then grew up to become pneumonia. I've been to the hospital twice, emergency care center two or three times, and I am currently on the verge of finishing up my third helping of antibiotics.

This latest type of antibiotic seems to be doing the trick. I hope. Until now I have been literally too weak to pick up a laptop, and even if I could draw a breath I was coughing too much to type. Obviously, not much writing got done since Christmas.

I have set what I hope are reasonable daily goalposts. If I can average a page a day, by the time my granddaughter graduates I should have the first draft of 'Recompense' ready for proofing. Stay tuned.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Well, It Turned Out To Be Pneumonia

I went to the emergency room five days ago and got a pile of antibiotics. Kept getting worse. Went last night and was told, 'Yup. Pneumonia.' Breathing treatments, IV, more antibiotics to go with the first batch, along with strict instructions to go home and stay in bed for at least three days. They would have kept me at the hospital but, you see, I have medicare.

Writing on hold. Too bad. That last scene I had just finished typing when this hit was pretty good, I thought. They caught a raiding party and Telesa put the priest.... never mind. I will get to it eventually.