Friday, December 12, 2014

Sicker Than A Dog

I have been sicker this past month than I have in years. It started as a bad cold with allergies, advanced into a debilitating case of flu, and a couple of days ago it started to advance toward bronchitis.

On the plus side, even my teenage son feels sorry for me and is willing to fetch beverages.

Needless to say, I am behind on my writing. However, some progress has been made. Peteros is out with Setka and some of the men, hunting temple raiding parties. Jess, to her disgust, is holding the fort while Telesa goes with the men to evaluate their ability to deal with local conditions. Nobody liked the idea, but nobody argued with the old woman either.

The earth and fire temples are gathering their joint forces to make a final, massive attack. This will be the make or break fight between the forest witches and the temples. Meanwhile, Peteros is planning to crush the Hohdwans, literally. The queen has emerged from hiding, and interesting repercussions are repercussion-ing.

The rest of the book is in my head, up to the very end which is already written. I know what happens. Now, I just need to get the strength and health back to type all of it. I wanted it done in time for Christmas. Not going to make it. Sorry. But I'm getting better, slowly.

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