Saturday, November 15, 2014

No Saturday Scenes Today

I'm not posting any scenes today. I have a fair amount of new material written on 'Recompense', but I'm to the point now that I just about can't reveal too much more without seriously spoiling the plot. I haven't done much with anything else recently. Too busy on the book and non-writing projects.

I did get a nice surprise in the mail yesterday. A package from Seattle. Opened it up and found a note from my daughter saying she never used her Kindle anyway, so enjoy. She added that an author should be able to review their work on all types of media. Which I can't argue with.

It does help, I admit. The text-to-speech feature is a nice reviewing touch. It also makes a difference on graphics. My computer screen and smart phone both have Kindle emulators, but their screen resolution is much higher than the actual unit that my daughter sent me. What looked good in black and white on my laptop looks like mud on the Kindle.

*sigh* Better late than never. I simple had no way of knowing until now. Time for more cover revisions I guess. Eventually.
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