Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Way Of Things And The Story Of My Life

A while back (last spring) I was pleased to hear that Poddler Review was going to do a review of my first book, "Athame". I never saw a review and finally, to tell the truth, forgot about it. 

This morning I received an interesting email:

Hi Morgan,
We apologize for the delay in getting the review for your book posted. The reviewer was called out of the country for business and is not expected back anytime soon. When the reviewer returns, she promises that she will get right to it. In the meantime, she wanted to pass along that she enjoyed the book and regrets the delay. 

I appreciate letting me know what happened. I'm also glad the reviewer enjoyed the book. Since I will take what I can get, I am going to shamelessly claim this as a not-bad review by Poddler:) Until and unless the real review gets posted.

I am beginning to sympathize with people who break down and buy reviews. I have always thought of purchasing reviews from professional publications as a form of cheating. But I can't seem to talk anyone out of a voluntary review to save my bacon. Not even a bad one. Yeah, I'd take a bad one, just to get some. I know people are buying the books, Amazon puts money in my account every month to prove it.


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