Saturday, September 27, 2014

Temporarily Pulling Songs of Chaos

I am unpublishing Songs Of Chaos temporarily for revision. One of the major advantages of self-publishing is the ability to control your own work. Sales have not been satisfactory, and I have several improvements in mind.

I fully intend to re-publish it, once I am satisfied. This is my first attempt at a commercial sci-fi novel, and I usually tend more toward the fantasy genre. I am still hitting my stride. I learned quite a bit, I think, while writing the sequel and I want to bring the entire series into a consistently flowing pattern.

I am not setting a release date. Songs of Chaos, Second Edition, will be released when it's done, and not a minute before. For those who already bought the first edition, hang onto it. It might be worth something to a collector someday:) You never know. Everyone started off as an unknown.

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