Thursday, June 5, 2014

Random Thoughts

I had a blog for several years before this. I found it sucking too much time and attention that I wanted to spend writing. And maybe even talking to people. So I yanked it.

Lately I've been wanting a place to scribble my thoughts. I'm like Mark Twain, too lazy to write things out by hand, so a bound journal is not in the cards. I guess I use this instead. This is not intended to be a world changing source of inspiration. Nor do I expect hordes of eager viewers to crash the server in the rush to view any of my posts. Just a place to scribble things from time to time.

The subject matter could be anything at all. I will probably put up links to my book pages on Amazon when I get around to it. No reason not to. But this isn't a sales page either. When it comes to commerce, I couldn't sell condoms in a whorehouse. I'm just scribbling. More later.

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