Sunday, June 8, 2014

New Science Fiction Book Is In Final Editing

My newest book, The Songs of Chaos, is essentially complete except for final tweaking. It's been line edited twice, in addition to my own checks. I still have to run the spell checker (argh) which I always do last. The cover is falling into place too. It's starting to worry me. This is too easy.

I wish I could get some content editing. I can't afford to hire anyone, and family is too worried about my feelings to be blunt. I did get lucky enough to have someone give the first draft a run through, and I am grateful. I guess I just have to hope I was rough enough on myself.

Here's the blurb I am tentatively planning to use:

Tom Forester had lived on Earth for most of his life. He met his beloved here, raised a family, traveled everywhere, saw everything. But his wife was gone now, and he wanted to visit his homeland one last time before he died.

His descendants didn't think the old man had any business traipsing off across the multiverse. Especially since anyone in his homeland who got caught caught making unauthorized use of a world portal was subject to summary execution. The family had a lottery of sorts, and one of his grandsons went through the portal with him as a bodyguard.

Someone else came along for the ride.

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